Our Osteopath Helen has a special interest in Women’s Health and runs a Women’s Health Clinic every Friday at The Slade.

Who is it for?

If you’re pregnant, post-natal or experiencing other issues like stress incontinence, then Helen’s clinic is perfect for you.

Being pregnant can be amazing, but it also puts a lot of stress on your body.  If you’re pregnant Helen can help your body prepare for labour by helping balance your hips, pelvis and lower back, reduce the tension in the diaphragm – which can help reduce reflux – and strengthen all the right areas.

If you’re post-natal then Helen can help here too, particularly with bringing strength back to your pelvic floor.

For many women it can feel like you’re forgotten about after your six week appointment when, months or years later, your body still isn’t working how you’d like it to. You don’t need to suffer in silence or think there’s nothing that can be done. There is help available and Helen can help you strengthen your body so you feel more confident, and stop wearing incontinence pads.

It doesn’t matter if your baby was born two months ago or 20 years ago, there are still things you can do to strengthen your body.

Stress incontinence

Stress incontinence is if you’re leaking when you sneeze, cough, go on a trampoline, run or laugh and is something many women experience after having a child. But it does not need to be permanent.

Many women are told that wearing pads is “just what you do after having a baby.” But its doesn’t have to be this way. Come and see Helen and she’ll work with you to strengthen your pelvic floor and diaphragm to help with leaking.

What to expect

The first appointment is an hour. During the appointment Helen will talk to you about your health, any previous pregnancies and deliveries, she’ll then do an examination, discuss her findings with you and treat appropriately. Helen will discuss exercises you can do at home, so she can track your progress at your follow up appointments.

The Women’s Health Clinic is every Friday from 8am-1.30pm at The Slade in Plumstead. To book your appointment call 020 8316 5316.

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