Justin Redpath

Brief info

Parents seek treatment for their babies with me for many reasons. Sometimes it is a parents intuition or sense that their baby is unhappy or unsettled. Other common reasons are difficulty with suckling, restlessness and excessive crying. At times it is a 'check-up' following a difficult or traumatic birth.

My special interest in treating babies and children has taken me into a very tough post graduate diploma in paediatrics run by The Osteopathic Centre for Children.

My approach incorporates using very gentle techniques acquired from over 20 years of practising cranio-sacral therapy and in more recent years osteopathy. I use very gentle touch and pressure, noticing any areas of abnormal tension or sense of ‘pull’ within the tissues. I will often work with the baby’s own movements to help ‘unwind’ restrictions. The gentle and non-invasive nature of this work means babies can be treated while asleep, feeding, or held in their mother’s arms.

Although I treat many babies, I also treat a broad spectrum of ages and injuries using a combination of osteopathic techniques, medical acupuncture and exercise prescription. I am also an OsteoMAP practitioner, combining osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance based therapy to help treat patients with persistent pain issues.

Kirsty, Shooters Hill, Happy Client

I have three children now aged 12, 9 and 6, Justin has been treating them all for over a year now. During growth spurts and the onset of puberty my eldest daughter has felt pains in her legs and Justin has always been able to alleviate these’

'Working with babies and infants is wonderfully rewarding and special. They are so sensitive and often respond well to the more subtle types of osteopathic work.'