Roger Dwek

Sports Massage / Bodywork Healer
Brief info

I'm a bodywork therapist and intuitive holistic massage practitioner of 28 years. I seamlessly incorporate many different modalities and blend these with an intuitive holistic approach, ranging from: sports-deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques (this encompasses trigger points therapy, MET- muscle energy technique, positional release techniques myofascial release), acupressure. 'no hands' massage, Swedish massage. Indian head massage and craniosacral therapy

At the age of 13 I started using my hands to help my mother with her migraines. She encouraged me then to follow this calling, and it wasn't until I was around 30 years old when I started taking this journey seriously. I have attended many different training courses culminating in a degree in Remedial Massage and Neuromuscular Techniques BSC Hons which I graduated from 12 years ago.

There's always more to learn and my clients are my teachers because each one is unique. I approach my practice with a humble and meditative mindset which is a wonderful and inspiring way to be present for my clients and myself.

I look forward to working with you in order to create a bespoke session in the near future if you are interested in a unique and holistic growth-oriented massage.

Sammy, Erith,

Reno has such a great energy and this is passed through his hands into his treatment. I always feel better!

Louise, Eltham,

Dennis is always amazing; on time, lovely space and my neck feels better than it has in years.

Nicolle, Plumstead,

I had given up on ever walking properly again, without pain or a stick until I went to Teri.’

'I love working with patients to relieve pain and tension, but importantly to help reduce the risk of future injuries'