Teri Turner

Principle & Practice Owner
Brief info

Since graduating from The British School of Osteopathy (now The University of Osteopathy) in 1998 I have developed a special interest in treating patients with chronic and persistent pain. I often see those that have been through many other avenues unsuccessfully, whether being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis or unresolved injuries. I enjoy using a combination of osteopathic techniques, medical acupuncture and mindfulness to guide patients toward a less painful state.

My approach to treatment has a large emphasis on patient education and understanding of their condition and I have always had a keen interest in exercise rehabilitation which is at the core of my approach to patient management. I have often recognised this to be the missing link to full recovery.

My other post graduate studies have included OsteoMAP which combines osteopathy, mindfulness and acceptance based therapy, Functional Rehabilitation to MSc level and Kinesiotaping.

Early on in my career I recognised a gap in my knowledge regarding ergonomic assessment and as such trained in this area. I like to couple my experience of biomechanics and musculoskeletal conditions to offer a unique approach in this field and I am regularly hired for onsite advice and reports to local businesses for injury prevention.

I also have a teaching qualification in higher education and have previously been part of the faculty teaching undergraduate students at The University of Osteopathy to assess students final exams.

Nicolle, Plumstead,

I had given up on ever walking properly again, without pain or a stick until I went to Teri.’

'There is no greater satisfaction than successfully treating a patient who has been suffering for a long period of time and helping them get back to their normal daily routine pain free'