'We like to keep our donations competitive so that you don't have to break the bank to see us.'


Osteopathy is charged by the treatment and not by the length of time. First consultations commonly take up to one hour with subsequent visits taking up to thirty minutes. On occasion your osteopath may offer acupuncture, taping or spend time going over exercises which may take a little longer.

Initial Consultation – £65.00

Follow on session – £60.00

Acupuncture as a stand alone treatment £60.00

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching with Andrew Louro is available as a 60 minute one-off session, as a 90 minute one-off session with a full diet analysis, or as 1:1 coaching support for a minimum of three months

Up to 60 minutes  – £55.00

We discuss your goals and current nutrition. We get to know each other, and I explain in more detail how I can help you. I make some suggestions for you and answer any questions you have in general. I will follow up with a short e-mail summarising what we discussed. You will leave with a clear picture of how healthy your current nutrition and lifestyle habits are, and what you should consider changing.

90 minutes full analysis   – £150.00

This service includes a full analysis of your diet using professional nutrition analysis software. It covers macro and micro nutrition and will highlight any potential deficiencies as well as calories. We identify your goals and how you diet, and lifestyle changes needed to meet them. I provide a full set of recommendations for changes to your diet, as well as lifestyle including the full breakdown from the software analysis, so you can compare your old diet to your new one. You are then ready to go and make the changes alone.

Full 1:1 Coaching Service, minimum 3 months – £250 per month or £650 for full payment up front.

This is the service that always gets the best results.

  • Initial consultation and a fully tailored plan for your goals
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Personal meal plan
  • How to improve movement
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Stress management
  • HRV (heart rate variability) to monitor stress
  • How your lifestyle can improve your health
  • You have direct e-mail access to me on my client only dedicated e-mail (guaranteed reply within 48hrs).
  • You get a food tracking app if we decide this suits your needs, we share info here, so I can keep an eye on how your eating
  • I constantly monitor your progress and make changes as needed
  • I keep you accountable and help you through those more difficult days


If you have never experienced a massage session we would suggest that you avoid a 90 minute first session. Please do not expect a full body massage within 45 minutes.

45 minute session – £50.00

60 minute session – £60.00

90 minute session – £90.00

EFT / Tapping

Jane is a Transformation Coach who helps people resolve self-limiting patterns and behaviours to heal, transform their wellbeing and create more happiness. Jane uses coaching and EFT amongst other methodologies to help clients break free of the past and live life now.

EFT/ Tapping & Wellbeing Coaching Initial Consultation 30min – FREE
Free 30 mins session to discuss your goals. Includes tapping taster

EFT/ Tapping & Wellbeing Coaching Session
£75.00 1 hr Session


We have loyalty offers for both osteopathy and massage. Osteopathic ‘maintenance’ treatments usually booked 6- 8 weeks in advance

Regular massages offer flexible discounts.

Monthly pre booked sessions – 10% discount

We also offer a loyalty card with no expiration date whereby the 6th massage is at 50% or 12th is free.

‘Discounts are not to be used in conjunction with each other’

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