Andrew Louro

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Brief info

My name is Andrew, and I believe you should be happy with your body, happy with your health, and happy with your life.

Life is to be enjoyed and food can and should be a healthy part of that.

I can help you with weight loss or gain, sleep, energy, stress, and more. I have first- hand experience in all the areas I work in and understand how you feel. I am a nutrition and lifestyle coach and have a deep understanding of how modern foods and lifestyle are detrimental to your current and future health.
I work with you to develop a relationship with food, that you enjoy, gets you to your goals, supports your long-term health, and is sustainable.

I also specialise in sports nutrition. If your goals are performance based, I can get your nutrition perfectly tuned in to support the best outcome possible.

I have a background in power lifting amongst other sports. These days I enjoy rowing and training for lifelong fitness. I am a married man with 4 beautiful children, the youngest are my daughters who are 9 and 12.

When I’m not studying or training, you’ll find me with my family and yummy food.

I am registered with The UK and International Health Coaches Association and CIMSPA

Sammy, Erith,

Reno has such a great energy and this is passed through his hands into his treatment. I always feel better!

Louise, Eltham,

Dennis is always amazing; on time, lovely space and my neck feels better than it has in years.

Nicolle, Plumstead,

I had given up on ever walking properly again, without pain or a stick until I went to Teri.’

'There is no greater satisfaction than successfully treating a patient who has been suffering for a long period of time and helping them get back to their normal daily routine pain free'