Jane Bliss

EFT Therapist and Transformational Coach
Brief info

My sessions aim to address a range of issues from anxiety, fears, weight issues, confidence issues, repetitive limiting life patterns, stress relief and so much more. I use a combination of coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and other guided healing methods during my transformational sessions. Based on the principle that our natural state is one of vibrancy my multi-faceted approach helps restore balance.

Sessions are aimed to detoxify the mind, increases well-being and creates deep lasting positive change. I am a qualified EFT Therapist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner with over a decade in the personal development field. EFT/Tapping is a powerful mind-body tool for improving life on multiple levels; mental, emotional and physical.

I am highly dedicated to my own personal and spiritual development and I am passionate about guiding others in their own discovery. I like to share many of the life-transforming methods & practices so that clients can continue benefiting after the sessions are complete.

Sammy, Erith,

Reno has such a great energy and this is passed through his hands into his treatment. I always feel better!

Louise, Eltham,

Dennis is always amazing; on time, lovely space and my neck feels better than it has in years.

Nicolle, Plumstead,

I had given up on ever walking properly again, without pain or a stick until I went to Teri.’

'There is no greater satisfaction than successfully treating a patient who has been suffering for a long period of time and helping them get back to their normal daily routine pain free'