Best local running routes around SE18/ Woolwich/ Plumstead

Based in or around Woolwich and Plumstead? Then get your running shoes on – this area is a rich resource of running routes of all shapes and sizes. The following routes range from just under 3 miles to up to 37! Suffice to say we’ve tried to cover every level of runner.

Let us know if you do one of these routes!

1. Plumstead Common
This course covers 2.845 miles, features a mixed terrain and a hill climb of 147 ft. Following a circular route this run is ideal for crisp winter mornings or summertime jogging.

View this route on Plot a

2. Woolwich Common – on-road run route
This route covers 3.87 miles / 6.23 km across road and pavements, with some grassy verges used where no path is available. There are both uphill and downhill sections, whilst the roads feature light to moderate traffic.

Visit the Good Run Guide and register to see the map.

3. Cross-Capital Riverside Route
This route can cover as much as 37 miles (60km). You begin at Woolwich Foot Tunnel and simply continue for as long as humanly possible.

The route comes from, and was originally sourced from professional runner Simon Freeman. The exciting part of the run is that you can challenge yourself to cover as many bridges as you’re able to – using each one to run across in order to switch sides.

4. Off road loop around Woolwich Common
View this scenic run, from, around Woolwich Common on Google Maps

5. Woolwich off-road run route
For users of the app Map My Run, there’s a 7.79 kilometre/5 mile run route (with a climb of 34 ft.) in Woolwich which you can view here.

Useful resources
Plumstead Runners are a local running club with, at this moment, 120 members. They meet every Wednesday at 6:30pm at Bexleyheath Sports Club in Welling for both on-road and off-road running. Runners of all levels are welcome.

You may also want to search Yell for local running clubs in the SE18 postcode and sports clubs near Woolwich on LocalRaces.

Apps for planning your running route around SE18
There are a growing number of apps that will help you in planning your routes and tracking your performance, some of the most popular include:
MapMyRun – FREE on iOS/Android
Movescount – FREE on iOS
Footpath – £0.99 on iOS
Localeikki – FREE on iOS.

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