Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Modern foods and lifestyle are having a significant effect on our health. Our metabolic health is declining steadily each year with more and more of us developing things like type 2 diabetes.

Nutrition and lifestyle coaching aims to help you develop habits and practices that improve and maintain your health today and as you age.

It also aims to improve your knowledge and skills so you can take control of your health, in fact teaching is a very large part of nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Healthy Weight

Healthy weight is important and this might involve loss or gain. The focus is on healthy. I believe in getting healthy to lose weight and not losing weight to get healthy. The goal is to achieve a weight you feel and LOOK good at, and is healthy and allows proper metabolic function. Maintaining that weight is key. It should be maintainable without a lifetime subscription to “eat this forever” and fit in with a normal life. Yes, that means not worrying about how many grams of carbs you had for breakfast, and being able to enjoy special occasions celebrated with food. Food is more than just nutrition, it’s our culture and we use it to feel better too. It can be a journey to get to this stage but it is more than achievable with a little effort and some coaching.


This is an area that can be very challenging for many people. Not being able to sleep properly can really decrease your quality of life. Improving sleep helps with almost all areas of health. Sleep quality can be improved even if your too busy to just be in bed more. You can achieve better sleep and wake up feeling fresh and ready for life.


Having low energy is often a downward spiral. The less energy you have, the less you do. The less you do, the less energy you have in the future. What would you do if you had more energy? Play with the kids or even grandchildren, Sunday football, enjoy a long walk in nature? If you had more energy, would you enjoy work more? Would it improve your mood and what you do after work each day? Would you be a better parent or partner?

Cognitive Function and Focus

Keeping sharp improves lots of areas of life. It can make the work day fly by, lead to less stress, reduce forgetfulness and help make your life simply more efficient. It can be so frustrating when a 10 minute tasks takes an hour because you can’t focus. You can do a lot with nutrition and lifestyle to improve and maintain brain health.

Nutrition for Better Health Span

The things you eat have a powerful effect on your health going into later life. Learn what to eat and why so you can make the right choices to stay healthy and feel great. A healthy diet doesn’t have to have a fancy name or cut out loads of foods you love. In fact it shouldn’t.


We all suffer stress, and it can take many forms. Learning how to recognise it and release it, has benefits like a better immune system and less inflammation. Smiling more and feeling happier is powerful!


This might be from the day out with the children, a week of overtime at work or a crazy exercise routine. It may even just be a shopping trip. If you can’t recover from something, you can’t repeat it very often before it’s doing more harm than good. This can drag your health down and leave your body in a vulnerable state. Being able to recover is like wearing a suit of armour. Good recovery means you can repeat doing the things you love more often. It also helps you do the things you simply need to do.

Nutrition for Sports and Performance

If your training for anything at any level, nutrition is key. With so much information out there, you do need help working out not only what’s true and what’s not, but working out what’s going to work for you.


This can be a confusing area with all the marketing out there. The goal is to not need supplements but they do have their place. Knowing where you need to supplement is important and choosing quality supplements is equally important. A plan to eventually not need them is ideal, but everyone is different. If you have fitness goals, supplements can be helpful and often necessary, but again here, which ones and for who is a mine field.

Our Therapists

Andrew Louro

Andrew Louro

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach