Seven of the best running apps

Need a little more motivation for your running efforts? Hitting a fitness plateau? Want a way of comparing yourself to others or an easy method of tracking your goals and performance? Then these seven running apps may be just what you’re looking for.

1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is one of the most popular apps amongst runners, and with a clean user experience, plenty of tracking features (including pace, speed, distance and calorie burn) it’s not difficult to see why. A nice little bonus with this app is the ability to train for set events (such as marathons) with built-in training regimes.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE (in-app purchases)
Runkeeper website

2. Zombies, Run

The Zombies, Run app introduces some fun into the running experience – ideal if you’re struggling to mix up your routine in order to remain motivated. The app presents a story where you’ll be tasked with claiming essential supplies and completing certain tasks – all whilst zombies are hot on your heels.

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free. Pro is $2.99 a month
Zombies Run website

3. Map My Run
This app is designed to help you plan your running routes, and includes some useful added bonuses (such as nutritional analysis). The premium version steps the features up a bit, with options for heart rate analysis, training plans and live tracking.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE (in-app purchases)
Map My Run website

4. Couch to 5K by RunDouble
This app is practically a tech essential for those who are just setting out on the running scene. It features a variety of workouts and includes straightforward methods for training and learning (most specifically, this is known as the C25K method). The exercise routines can be followed at home, with running challenges suitable for the gym, outside or at home.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free / $1.59-$3.20
Couch to 5k website

5. Get Running
Get Running is also built on C25K methods, and is designed to be suited for anyone who’s either a beginner or intermediate. This app features audio feedback and flexible capabilities for designing your own running routine. A nice little bonus is the social media support that comes with it.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: Free / £2.39
Get Running website

6. Adidas Train & Run
Adidas Train & Run is ideal for beginners and very much acts as a personal trainer. It operates in combination with Fit Smart wearable bands. It tracks your performance, training schedules and pushes you to meet your fitness goals through audio feedback.

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Adidas train and run website

7. Nike+ Running App

The Nike Running app has achieved incredible success – receiving rave reviews by runners and more than 55,000 ratings (resulting in four out of five stars) on the app store. The app includes many unique features – such as a ‘Power strong’ button, which plays cheers from your friends as well as the option of racing against them in the Nike Challenge.

This app is so feature rich and flexible that it’s suitable for runners of all capabilities, from those who may never have ran before, to those who are looking forward to their next marathon event.

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: Free
Nike+ Running App

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