Six local exercise classes you might not have heard of

We all know how important it is to get fit and to keep fit, and one of the reasons we see so many people in pain is because they don’t do enough exercise.  We’ve heard all the reasons/excuses about why people don’t exercise – time, money, location, it’s boring, and so on.

But if this is the year you’re going to get fit, and want to try a new class then we’ve found some local classes that might be just what you’re looking for.

Yoga Space

The Yoga Space is one of our neighbours in Woolwich.  They run a huge range of Yoga classes throughout the day and evening, seven days a week. From Iyenga to Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga there’s something for everyone. And they really do appeal to everyone. The Yoga Space isn’t just for experts, but for beginners too. 

You can find the Yoga Space at:

Gunnery House, 9-11 Gunnery Terrace, Woolwich, SE18 6SW

Take a look at their website 


Wait. Before you dismiss this as an 80s throwback with legwarmers and leotards, Jazzercise has lots of benefits and even better, there are classes in Bexleyheath and Belvedere.

Their classes are dance party classes that burn up to 800 calories per hour.  They say “We’re dropping it to the newest body-pumping beats on the radio right now. Shakira? Yep. Pitbull? Check. Ariana Grande? We got it. Snoozy jazz music? Not even close.”

Check them out on their website

Nordic Walking

Haven’t heard of Nordic Walking before?  Nordic Walking is essentially walking with specially designed walking poles.  It might not sound like much but it uses almost all your body’s muscles, so it’s great for improving your posture and working your arms and legs. It can be done by almost anyone, and is good if you want to get fit at your own pace.

There’s a Nordic Walking group in Bexley and they run regular free taster sessions.  Take a look at their Facebook page to find out the date of the next one:

Fight Klub

If you’re looking for something high intensity, then Fight Klub is it. Each class is set to to music and uses boxing, kick boxing and Thai boxing moves where you kick and punch in time to the music.

It’s great for muscle toning, weight loss and cadiovascular fitness, plus as it’s a group class so you’re not on your own.  There are classes in Abbey Wood and Thamesmead every week,

You can find out more here.


Want to dance for an hour in the dark with your glowsticks to club anthems from the 90s classics to the latest chart hits?  Then Clubbercise is for you.

Bringing a night out to your workout (without the sticky floor or dancing round your handbag) there’s disco lights, glowsticks and a great atmosphere. Classes are run by Move2thebeat Group Fitness and take place each week in Welling and Bexleyheath.

Take a look at their Facebook page and website to find out more

Swerve Bootcamp

Amarkai Fitness runs a women (sorry guys) only bootcamp every Saturday at Shapers Gym in Plumstead.  Each class is 45 minutes and uses high intensity interval training to increase your fitness and help you lose weight.

Check out her Facebook page for more information.

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