How does Osteopathy help when you’re pregnant?

For those suffering the many pains of pregnancy, each day can feel less as though you are glowing, and more as though you are being put through the mill. Osteopathy is a versatile, yet wholly underused, treatment for many of the issues that accompany pregnancy – both in the lead up to the birth, as well as following it.

An introduction to osteopathy

If you’re not familiar with what Osteopathy is, it detects, treats and prevents health problems – and involves the movement, stretching and massaging of your muscles and joints. In a wider sense, this treatment can:
• Increase your joint mobility
• Relieve muscle tension
• Enhance blood supply
• Assist the body to heal more quickly

Osteopathy and pregnancy

Before the birth


The body undergoes a huge amount of strain when looking after a growing baby, with the average female gaining between 25 and 40 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. As you carry the baby at the front, this imbalance can create posture problems, especially if you spend a lot of time driving or sitting at a desk. Osteopathy can relieve the pain that arises from poor posture, and can correct your posture to prevent further pain and damage.

Pelvic pain

As the baby grows and puts increasing pressure on your abdomen and pelvis (remember to do your pelvic floor exercises!) it is very common for women to experience pain around their groin or pelvis. This often gets increasingly worse as the pregnancy progresses.
Osteopathy is good for pelvic pain as it corrects postural imbalances which are making the pain worse. We can also give exercises for you to practice to help strengthen the muscles that are coming under increasing strain as the baby grows.

Following the birth

Following the birth of your baby your body must recover from both the birth itself, as well as the nine months that led to the big day. Osteopathy in this sense can assist you in returning to your former fitness, flexibility and strength, as well as helping you to unwind and prepare for what is a whole new set of challenges!

If you’re pregnant and interested in finding out how osteopathy can help you and the baby, call us to make an appointment with Michele, our specialist maternity and paediatric osteopath. Our number is 020 8316 5316.

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