Sports Massage – Why?

If your car had a flat tyre or there was steam coming from the radiator, would you still drive your car? The likely answer is no. You would phone a mechanic and get if fixed. Then why do we think our bodies are any different?

We carry aches, pains and injuries thinking that they will just disappear, and sometimes they do, but in the majority of cases they are underlying and will re-surface causing further pain and dysfunction.

Sports Massage targets the deep and superficial tissues of the body, improving joint and tissue mobility, improving blood and lymphatic flow to tissues and helps to prevent injuries. The aim of sports massage is to initiate a change in the muscle fibres, fascia and connective tissue so that function is restored and any symptoms alleviated.

The name suggests that you should be involved in sports, but this is not the case. The stresses our bodies are put under in this modern age causes many postural conditions; for example sitting in front of a computer, iPad, even queuing for the new iPhone 5!! Stress is a main cause of time off work, and can cause physical symptoms in addition to an emotional reaction.

Like a finely crafted musical instrument, all of our joints and soft tissues are important and designed to work in harmony with each other. Sports Massage helps to reduce tension, assist in restoring length in the tight muscles and strengthen the weaker ones, to help your body feel back in tune.

Sports massage is particularly helpful with;

– Sports persons who train their muscles regularly – whether suffering with aches and pains or as a preventative measure.

– Sedentary people whose muscles become shortened due to underuse.

– Stress relief

– Maintenance of a healthy musculoskeletal system

Sports massage may be used as an adjunct to osteopathy or as a stand alone treatment. Book your body in for a service and an oil change!!

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