Struggling with your exercise or sport?

We’ve all heard of rehab for your body.  You get an injury, you see a specialist, they give you some rehabilitation exercises and you get better.  But have you heard of prehabilitation (prehab)?  What is prehab? How can it benefit you?

Why prehab?
Prehab is the opposite of rehab, in that you start it before you commence a new exercise regime.  Prehab is particularly beneficial if you’re starting a new exercise regime, training for a sports event, going on a skiing holiday (or other activity holiday), or prior to a hip or knee replacement.

Running is also quite a complex biomechanical activity which many of us take for granted, and it can cause a number of strains on the body.

What to expect with prehab
Prehab puts down the base layer of strength you need before you start increasing the amount of exercise or training you’re doing.  It also helps you avoid injury and makes you aware of any weaknesses in your body.

At your first prehab session we will conduct a full  musculoskeletal assessment to see where and why you might be struggling with your fitness.  We’ll also discuss your current, and planned, exercise regime and carry out any required treatment.

Each prehab session is bespoke to each individual and their circumstances.

For example, if you’re going to start a new training regime then we’ll look at your core stability, and provide strength and conditioning exercises.

If you’re about to have a hip replacement then your programme will focus on increasing your bone density and strengthening the gluteal muscles which are responsible for hip movement.

We also have exercise software that allows us to prescribe individual exercise programmes which incorporate video and printable instructions, so you can access your exercises online at any time.

What happens if I don’t do prehab?
If you’re planning on undertaking a new exercise regime, awaiting a hip or knee replacement or about to go skiing, we can’t emphasise enough how much undertaking some prehab sessions will help you.  Prehab will help you understand your body, and where its strengths and weaknesses are.  Without it, you’ll be starting blind and there’s a risk you’ll sustain an injury through overworking your body.

Prehab in Woolwich and Plumstead
We have a strong track record in providing rehab programmes.  Each prehab session is unique to each individual, their circumstances, their body and what training they’re planning to undertake.  We work with each person to thoroughly understand them, their goals and what’s best for their body.

If you’re still in doubt, prehab is used a lot by elite sportspeople so if you want to put yourself in their esteemed company then give us a call on 020 3589 8664 to discuss your  prehab plans.

Prehab will help you avoid injury, and your body will thank you for it, and as the old saying goes – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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