Want to feel fit for your skiing holiday?

Are you off on a skiing holiday this winter, but feeling slightly nervous about your fitness prior to hitting the slopes?

If yes, you could benefit from taking some prehab sessions before you depart for the airport.

What’s prehab?
Prehab is the opposite of rehab, in that you do it before you start training, or going on an acitivity holiday, like skiing or snowboarding.  It can be particuarly beneficial if you don’t do a lot of regular exercise as it helps strengthen your body to prepare it for the slopes.

With prehab you’ll be flying down the slopes!

When to prehab
Prehab puts down the base layer of strength you’ll need to fully enjoy your skiing holiday.  If you don’t do regular exercise, when you start using your ski pass your body will wonder, “Why has all this activity started? I’m not ready for this!” and you’ll soon feel pretty sore.

With prehab your body is prepared for the sudden increase in activity it will see and you’ll feel stronger and enjoy your holiday more.

It also helps you avoid injury and makes you aware of any weaknesses your body may have.

With us, prehab is a course of sessions leading up to your holiday.  Each course is bespoke to the individual, their circumstances, and their body, but prehab for skiing covers:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Core

All of which are crucial to ski!

Each week the sessions and exercises will get progressively more challenging so you’ll be in the best shape you can before you head for the hills.

We also have exercise software that allows us to prescribe individual exercise programmes which incorporate video and printable instructions, so you can access your exercises online at any time.

Skiing prehab in Woolwich and Plumstead
We have a strong track record in providing prehab programmes and at this time of year we help many people prepare for their skiing or snowboarding holiday.  Each prehab course is unique to each individual, their circumstances and their body. Teri Turner, who owns and runs Royal Arsenal and Slade Osteopathic, provides these courses.

Not familiar with Teri? Take a look at our Facebook page, and you’ll see Teri gets some great reviews.

Call us on 020 3589 8664 to find out if you’d benefit from prehab, and to book your first session.

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