Why should I have a post-natal massage?

The benefits of massage as part of a pre-natal health and wellness regime are generally promoted and understood far more so than for the post-natal period. Yet this is a time when mum’s body is in recovery mode – when wounds may be healing, hormones may be stabilising and bone structures may be undergoing a settling stage. Given these changes post-natal massage is every bit as beneficial as massage prior to your baby’s arrival.

The basics of post-natal massage

Post-natal massage is classed as any form of massage that helps mum recover in the 40 days following the birth. Studies time and again have demonstrated that post-natal massage offer many diverse and unique benefits for the mum, including:

  • Easing sore spots and relaxing tense muscles.
  • Soothing strains throughout your body, especially in your lower core, as well as across your back if you’re breastfeeding
  • Increasing healthy blood flow throughout the body and working out toxins produced during birth
  • Lifting your mood, alleviating the baby blues or easing post-natal depression
  • Aiding the natural production of oxytocin – which stimulates breast milk production (which is why you may want to wear breast pads for your massage!)
  • Speeding up your recovery following a C-section
  • Improving your immunity by stimulating the lymph glands

Osteopathy and post-natal massage

In the osteopathic world, massage addresses the changes in mum’s skeletal biomechanics post birth. It takes into consideration that joints are more mobile, and that pelvic bones have shifted, while spinal joints may have become compressed.

Osteopathy is 100% safe for your body in the weeks and months following giving birth, and can serve as an effective solution for relieving pain, as well as maintaining and regaining health.

There are certain physical conditions and ailments that osteopathic massage can address, that typical spa-massages cannot – a common example of which is back pain, leg pain and Sciatica. A professional osteopath can also offer tailored, medically-sound advice for taking to your new life as a mother, and handing tasks such as lifting, carrying and breast feeding, all whilst being sleep deprived.

Osteopathy and new-born massage

In the osteopathic world, it is cranial osteopathy that is suited for babies – a gentle, safe and entirely drug-free treatment for the often overlooked tensions and strains that your baby may be experiencing. This treatment has scientifically proven benefits, however it’s critical that any osteopathic professional works alongside mum or dad to understand the root causes of baby’s pain or discomfort.

We have written in detail of the process and benefits of cranial osteopathy for babies in our article: How can osteopathy help my baby?

Post-natal massage can be a vital aid for your post-birth body, addressing the many strains that you have felt in the run up to the birth of your baby and beyond – most specifically across your abdomen, lower back and hips, as well as your upper back if you’re breastfeeding.

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