Your handbag weighs how much?

Did you know the average handbag weighs 6.2kg? With contents including heavy purses with umpteen cards and change, keys, phones, books, make up and an array of stationery, your bag is likely as heavy as a dumbell.

So whilst you have a gorgeous handbag, carrying that weight around can start to play havoc with your body. Your neck will lean away from the load to balance the weight of the bag, and this puts a strain on your neck and shoulders. Carrying your bag on one shoulder will also cause that shoulder to rise up, which then affects the muscles in the back. This can lead to poor posture and back pain.

Carrying your handbag can be a painful business. So, what can we do?

There are two main things we can do:

  • Change how we carry our handbag
  • Change your bag

How to carry your handbag

Shoulder bag

If you always carry your bag on your right shoulder, switch to the left, and keep changing the shoulder that carries it regularly. I know it feels strange but if you persist it will feel better after a while.

Stand straight

How do you stand with your bag? Is one shoulder higher than the other? Does one side of your hips protrude more than the other? When carrying your bag watch your posture. Try to stand up straight with your shoulders evenly balanced.

Heavy items

Put heavy items at the bottom of your bag as this causes the least changes in your posture when carrying your bag.

Keep it close to your body

Keeping your bag close means the amount of swing the bag takes is limited, which reduces the strain on the spinal muscles. A bag with a long strap that crosses the body is good to keep close to you.

Change your bag

Another option is to change your bag. You know that clutch bag you use for going out? Try it during the day. With less space to fill you’ll find your bag is much lighter.

Another option would be to use two bags to carry your things. Especially if you’ve got a lot to carry.

Alternatively use a rucksack to distribute the weight evenly. There are some stylish rucksacks available now, so it doesn’t have to be a functional sports one that completely lacks style.

If you’re suffering with a sore neck or shoulders and want some help and advice, then give us a call on 020 3589 8664.

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