From killer heels to comfortable shoes

The phrase “comfortable shoes” conjures images of flat, plain, boring shoes suitable for women of a certain age.  But when your killer heels are killing your feet, how can you find a shoe style that looks good, but is also good for your feet and back?  Here are a few things to look out for:

Buy shoes in the afternoon
Later in the day our feet have swelled slightly so you’re less likely to be able to squeeze your feet into a shoe that’s on the small side.  Feet also flatten with age and when you’re pregnant so it’s good to buy shoes fairly regularly (if you needed an excuse to buy more shoes!).

Natural fabrics
Shoes made of natural fabrics like leather and suede are better as they stretch and mould to the shape of your feet.  Pleather and other plastic alternatives just can’t stretch so your feet bear the brunt of their inelasticity, which is when you get blisters. Ouch.

Mid to low heels
Save your super high heels for special occasions and try to wear heels three inches or less on a regular basis.  Also, the wider the heel the better the stability, so your ankles are at less risk too.  A lower heel also helps you keep a better posture.

Cushion the feet
If there’s no padding in the soles of your shoes consider buying gel pads that can be inserted into the shoe.  You can get them from pharmacies and they can really make a difference to the ball and heel of your foot.

Laces and buckles
Anything that helps keep your feet in place is good. Laces and straps are great at keeping your feet perfectly positioned throughout the day.  If your shoe is flapping about while you’re walking, you need to look at wearing a different shoe!

Pointed toes
If you’re looking at buying shoes with a pointy toe, try on a pair that’s half a size bigger.  This will help give your toes a bit more room, rather than squeezing them together, which will help prevent bunions and other painful ailments.

Buy from a shoe shop
Obvious isn’t it? A shoe shop has specialist staff that will help you find the right shoe for you.  If you buy online then you don’t get this level of support, and you don’t get to try on the shoes before you buy them.

So, when buying your next pair of shoes, instead of walking past that shoe shop that seems to sell boring, plain, comfortable shoes. Take a look inside and see what they have. The styles might be better than you think.  If that thought is just too horrifying then think about the above and your feet will thank you for it!

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