Who is most susceptible to lower back pain?

With back pain affecting 80% of people in their lifetime, and costing UK business 10 million sick days  every year, it’s clear there are many people suffering with back pain.

In addition a recent study has shown that the longer a sufferer is debilitated by back pain, the less chance they have of returning to work, and the more strenuous a treatment plan they’ll require to recover. This means if you’ve been off work for at least a month with back pain, you have a 20% chance of still being off work a year and a half later.

So, more people are suffering with back pain and help should be sought quickly, but who is most susceptible to back pain?

Let’s start with how back pain starts…..

Torn or pulled muscles and ligaments

Torn or pulled muscles and ligaments are the single most common cause of lower back pain, and can develop gradually over a number of years due to repetitive motion, or can happen suddenly during rigorous exercise or when lifting a heavy object.

Poor posture

Sitting with our shoulders back, our back straight and with our legs bent at a 90-degree angle seems so alien (and awkward) for most, and for those that must sit at their desk for 8 hours a day this challenge is one that many of us fail. Poor posture is thought to affect 90% of the western population, and poor posture often leads to back pain. In addition obesity and psychological stress can exacerbate back conditions brought on by poor posture.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial Pain Syndrome is condition that affects the fascia – connective tissue that covers the muscles -which creates pain in other areas of the body. This condition can be caused by repetitive motion, as well as stress-related muscle tension.

Medical conditions

There are tens of medical conditions that can cause lower back pain as a symptom; the Health Line website lists 32 of them, including everything from kidney stones and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), to a Slipped (Herniated) Disk and Sciatica.

So who does experience back pain?

Judging by the diverse range of people that come to our Osteopath Practice, back pain can be experienced by anyone – from the sportsman to the administrative assistant, young or old, with or without an accompanying medical condition.

If you’re experiencing back pain call us on 020 8316 5316 for an appointment with one of our Osteopaths. We’ll find out what’s causing the pain, and will provide a treatment plan to help it get better.

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